Rally in front of the NRA National Headquarters on the second anniversary of the tragic killing of 26 first graders and their teachers

NRA Protest 2nd Anniversary of Sandy HookEvery attempt to make the US safer from gun violence over the last few years has failed largely due to NRA inspired inaction on sensible gun reforms for the nation.

Speakers include Delegate Ken Plum, Patricia Maisch (Hero of the Tucson shooting), Rev. Julie Price and John Monroe.

NRA Headquarters
11250 Waples Mill Rd
Fairfax, VA 22030

Date/Time: Sunday December 14 from 2 – 3pm

If you believe that it is past time we got Universal Background Checks and a variety of other sensible reforms then join us at the NRA on Sunday. Whether you can be there or not, PLEASE contact 5 or more people you know who also believe that sensible gun reforms are needed and urge them to take an hour on Sunday to show the country that there is overwhelming support for universal background checks.

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