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    Call on Senator Warner to support legislation against gun violence and for gun safety.

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    Appeal to Senator Mark Warner

    The Honorable Mark R. Warner
    United States Senate

    We, the undersigned citizens, residing in the Commonwealth of Virginia, believe that action is necessary to stop the rising rate of gun violence. More than 3400 of our fellow Americans have been shot and killed since the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary school.
    We believe that the following sensible reforms would help make America and Virginia a safer place for families and children.

    First, require that the purchaser must pass a background check prior to completing all sales and transfers of firearms. It must be universal and include sales at gun shows.

    Second, prohibit the purchase, sale, importation and manufacture of ammunition clips and magazines containing more than 10 bullets.

    Third, ban assault style weapons that are not suitable for home defense, traditional hunting and target shooting. The Feinstein Assault Weapons legislation accomplishes this.

    By these signatures your constituents ask you to support, vote for, and work to pass
    these common sense measures.


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