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  • 2015 Legislative Session – Gun Votes

    Find out what grade your Virginia Delegate or Senator was given on this year’s gun safety bills. 2015 CCAGV – VA HOUSE and SENATE FLOOR VOTES ON GUN BILLS (Favola)
  • Rally in front of the NRA National Headquarters on the second anniversary of the tragic killing of 26 first graders and their teachers

    Every attempt to make the US safer from gun violence over the last few years has failed largely due to NRA inspired inaction on sensible gun reforms for the nation. Speakers include Delegate Ken Plum, Patricia Maisch (Hero of the Tucson shooting), Rev. Julie Price and John Monroe. Location: NRA Headquarters 11250 Waples Mill Rd Fairfax, VA 22030 Date/Time: Sunday ...
  • Forum on Sensible Gun Laws – An Innovative Approach to Legislation Affecting Public Safety

    FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Forum on Sensible Gun Laws – An Innovative Approach to Legislation Affecting Public Safety WHEN: October 30, 6:00 PM Where: National Press Club Contact: Kris Gregory, Media 529 14th St. NW Concerned Citizens Against Gun Violence Washington DC (CCAGV) 13th Floor, Zenger Room Tel: 571-205-6483 Last year, the United States averaged almost 8 deaths of children and teens by ...
  • Nine votes that make it more dangerous to live in Virginia

    The bills voted on repeal the ‘One-Gun-A-Month’ law, allow guns into bars, and even make it easier to buy machine guns and bazookas. Here is a chart on how all of VA’s delegates voted on these key bills. Note the explanations of the bills and the reason that we don’t have any good ...
  • 2014 Legislative Session – Gun Votes

    Here’s a look at gun safety bills, both good and bad, that were considered by the legislature. You can click on the underlined bill numbers to be linked to what each bill was about and how it fared in the legislature. 2014 Gun Bills in Virginia
  • 20-yr anniversary of the signing of the original Brady background check bill

    Friday, November 22 Peter Read (father of VA Tech victim Mary Read) and Maggie Rheinstein (her nephew used a gun to end his life) consoling each other while concerned citizens rallied in front of Congressman Frank Wolf’s Herndon office. The purpose of the rally was to remind the Congressman that Friday was the 20-yr anniversary ...
  • Vigil at NRA HQ proves to be an emotional journey for protesters

    Friday morning at 10 o’clock is not a good time to draw a crowd, yet nearly 100 people gathered outside of the NRA headquarters at 10 am on June 14th to mark the six month anniversary of the killing of 26 Sandy Hook Elementary School children and the teachers who tried to protect them.  The ...
  • The Assault Weapon and Large Capacity Magazine ban was working

    The Assault Weapon and Large Capacity Magazine ban was working to decrease the number of those high capacity weapons and magazines used in crimes. The proof is in Virginia.
  • Want an easy Concealed Carry Handgun (CCH) Permit – go to Virginia

    Want an easy Concealed Carry Handgun (CCH) Permit – go to Virginia.  Thanks to Ken Cuccinelli who wrote the bill (Chief Patron of SB 1528), now even Texas won’t accept VA CCH Permit due to the fact that only online training and no hands-on training is required.
  • News from the Senate Judiciary Committee

    Good news! After nearly 5,000 responses to my call for comments — including yours — the Leahy-Collins legislation to help stop weapons trafficking passed the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday and was reported to the full Senate. The committee began work on Senator Feinstein’s bill to regulate assault weapons but was unable to complete action ...
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  1. mikepot says:

    I am happy to see this blog is finally launched ! I hope all of our neighbors and friends will contribute to the work of Concerned Citizens Against Gun Violence.

  2. Matt de Ferranti says:

    Agree that it is great to get this launched. We need to get this moving as a means for moving forward our focus.



  3. Kris Gregory says:

    I am so glad to see our website and all of the information on it. I got to see the parts of our May 13th forum which I missed since I was at the sign-in table in the lobby.

  4. Betty Perez says:

    A lot of Virginias don’t know how dangerous is having Cuccineli as governor. He will protect NRA instead of our children. Thanks for this information

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